Feb 1 2019 — Dec 31 2019

2019 GBC Lamination and Binding

Buy qualifying GBC products and earn cash back or free product. The promotion runs from 2-1-2019 through 12-31-2019. Decide when the timing is right for you.

Sales tools include a PDF without pricing, a PDF with editable pricing fields and a wide variety of banner ads.

Redemption information for this ACCO consumer offer is on the flyer and needs to be posted on the dealer site. The consumer simply goes to www.accorebates.com and completes the online rebate form. The customer will be required to upload proof of purchase electronically. Gift cards will be virtual cards and delivered via email. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing and delivery.

Target Audiences:

Facilities Managers, Administrative Assistants and even individual employees  

Small to large size businesses will be attracted to this sku set 

Target Environments:

Glass dry erase surfaces are designed for heavy use environments 

Perfect for Conference Rooms, Offices, Classrooms, Training Rooms and Factory/DC Floors and now even desktops! 


To increase awareness and an "act now" call to action for the consumer on our expanded offering of premium performance glass board products.

Available Downloads

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Consumer Offer

This is a special manufacturer offer for rebates, free products, gift cards or other items to encourage consumers to participate in the promotion at a specified level. Details for consumer redemption are listed on the Consumer Offer PDF.

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Banner Ads

This is a graphic image placed on a webpage, usually the homepage. The graphic attracts attention and encourages visitors to click on the ad to learn more about the featured promotion. The ads come in many common sizes used by Independent Dealers, Wholesalers, and Ecommerce platforms are included.

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Sales Flyer

Editable Sales Flyer that you can email or print and drop off to your customers.

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Consumer Offer and Sales Flyer - Essendant

Consumer Offer and editable Sales Flyer including SKUs carried by Essendant

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Consumer Offer and Sales Flyer - SP Richards

Consumer Offer and editable Sales Flyer including SKUs carried by SP Richards

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