Planners and Calendars: Not the Same

As you prepare for the upcoming planning season take the time to determine whether you need a planner or calendar. The two items are similar, but not the same, and choosing the right one will ensure that your schedule is well organized in the best way possible.

Start by asking yourself one simple question: do I want a portable solution? Planners and appointment books are versatile and largely popular because they are easy to take on the go. Available in a number of sizes and page formats, all planners can easily fit into a bag and be carried along as you travel from home to the office, to client visits, while you are running errands and so on. Some planners are even small enough to fit in your pocket! Appointment books are virtually the same as planners, but with appointment times to help you organize in greater detail by assigning a start and end time to meetings and daily tasks. Planners and appointment books can be dated or undated and fall into four major categories: daily, weekly, weekly/monthly and monthly.

Calendars are better suited for keeping in one place and focus on big picture planning, giving you a one or more monthly view on a single page. Desk pad calendars and wall calendars are two of our biggest sellers. Desk pads serve double duty by protecting your desktop and providing convenient date reference. There is plenty of space to take notes and keep track of upcoming events on desk pad pages. Wall calendars can also serve as a visual reminder of day-to-day and long-range plans, and are less likely to be obscured in a messy work area. Many wall calendars feature large daily blocks to record notes and come with a handy, built-in hanging loop. 

Still can’t decide between a planner and calendar? Then maybe an erasable wall planner will be right up your alley. The erasable write-on/wipe-off surface makes it easy to manage ever-changing plans, which matches up with the shorter date range of a planner. The large size, however, isn’t really intended for portability which is more like a calendar. Erasable wall planners are ideal for placing in a shared area where family members or a work team can all keep their plans up to date. Most erasable wall planners are also reversible, offering two different planning styles in one to match the needs of your group and the orientation of your space.

The next time you are in the market for a planner to accompany your digital devices make sure to consider all the options available from AT-A-GLANCE®, Day-Timer®, Mead® and Five Star®. It could be that you would actually prefer to plan using a calendar! Planners, calendars and everything in between are all available in a number of different designs and colors to match your sense of style.